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I am a Kindle Author, Travel & Photography Blogger, and an Amateur Photographer who belongs to the Himalayan valley, Dehradun.
Himalayan Gypsy is fiction character that showcase my adventures and journey as a photographer, rider & a traveler.
People describe me as a digital nomad and an adventure freak who likes to document India, its culture, heritage & architecture through his pictures and writes about his experiences on his blog.
I have published several photo books on Amazon Kindle by now and I am also a proud host of the Himalayan Gypsy travel blog.
My photos have been nationally recognized and have been displayed in exhibitions at several occasions. I have also won several photography contests over the years.

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Himalayan Gypsy is a fictional character that represents a group of passionate travellers and photographers based in the Himalayan valley, Dehradun. 

Adventures of Himalayan Gypsy is a collection blogs, photos and photo books created out of all the experiences and learning while exploring and travelling throughout India over the years. 

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In simple words a blogger is someone who shares his knowledge/experiences or expertise by writing about it on internet.

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As a beginner you can start with exploring your city, its heritage and biodiversity and start taking pictures of them. You can even start with mobile photography as well.

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