GoPro Hero 8 Black Review & Comparison (2020)

Launched in the year 2019, GoPro Hero 8 Black offers good value for money and is a huge improvement to its predecessor GoPro Hero 7.

It offers excellent waterproof design, touch screen, 4K Ultra HD Video with an awesome 12MP lens, and 1080p live streaming.

It also captures high-quality audio when connected to an external professional-level microphone to a 3.5mm mic adapter.

If one wants crystal-clear studio sound for music or clearer voice audio in action environments, one can quickly and easily connect a wide range of 3.5mm microphones.

GoPro Hero 8 Black Complete Review

Features & Details of GoPro Hero 8:

  1. Streamlined Design: It offers a compact and more pocketable shape and has folding fingers at the bottom which lets you swap mounts rapidly. It has a new side door which makes changing batteries even faster, and the lens is now 2x more impact resistant.
  2. HyperSmooth 2.0: GoPro Hero 8 Black now has three levels of stabilization – On, High, and Boost. So you can pick the best option for you which will definitely do your job. HyperSmooth 2.0 works with all possible resolutions, frame rates, and features in-app horizon leveling.
  3. TimeWarp 2.0: It captures super stabilized timelapse videos while you move. TimeWarp 2.0 adjusts its speed based on motion, scene detection, and lighting. One can slow down the effect to real-time—savoring interesting moments and then tap to speed it back up.
  4. LiveBurst: Record the moments 1.5 seconds before and after one-shots, one can choose the best single frame for an awesome photo—or a perfect shareable video and it works pretty seamlessly.
  5. Hero8 Black Mods: Pro filmmakers, bloggers aspiring creators, and others can do more than they ever imagined with quick loading accessories like flashes, microphones, and much more. Just add the optional media mod to put up the capture games.
  6. SuperPhoto + Improved HDR: Crank up the contrast, kill the blur and then shred. The revamped algorithm does deliver badass action shots with details that you never thought were possible.
  7. Night Lapse Video: Harness that night time magic in 4K, 2.7K, 1440p or 1080p, and watch the scene come alive with epic details.
  8. High-Fidelity Audio: With three mics and reduced wind noise, you’ll get natural audio quality—even at breakneck speeds.
  9. Rugged + Waterproof: When you want to play rough, GoPro Hero 8 Black is always a good game. Moreover, it is completely waterproof down to 33ft (10m).

Technical Specifications of GoPro Hero 8 Black

  • Weight: 126g
  • Dimensions: 66.3W x 48.6H x 28.4D (mm)
  • Video: 4K at 60fps, 2.7K at 120fps, 1080P at 240fps
  • Photo: 12MP
  • Max video bit-rate: 100Mbps (4K)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • App: GoPro App integrated with Quik
  • SoC: GP1 Chip
  • Digital lenses: SuperView, Wide, Linear, Narrow
  • Burst: 12MP 3, 5, 10 and 30fps with burst options of 1, 3, 6 and 10 seconds
  • Time Lapse: 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30-second and 1, 2, 5 and 30-minute intervals
  • TimeWarp 2.0: 2x, 5x,10x 15x and 30x recording speeds
  • Night Lapse: 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30-second and 1, 2, 5 and 30-minute intervals
  • Touchscreen: Intuitive 2-inch LCD
  • Waterproofing: 10m (33ft) without a case
  • GPS: Yes
  • Voice control: Yes
  • Microphones: three
  • Battery: removable 1220mAh lithium-ion
  • Stabilization: HyperSmooth 2.0 with High and Boost options
  • HDR: SuperPhoto, auto HDR processing
  • Live Streaming: Yes, via application
  • Other: Portrait mode, auto orientation
  • Memory storage: microSD with at least class 10 or UHS-I rating

Comparison of Image Quality of Insta360 ONE R vs GoPro Hero 8 :

The image processing in Hero 8 Black is a lot better than Insta360 ONE R. Contrast levels in ONE R are not that great and it tends to darken the subject but that is not the case with GoPro.

It actually looks really great as if shot from some high-end camera and not an action cam. Image stabilization on GoPro is just amazing with Hypersmooth 2.0. Insta360’s Flowstate stabilization is also very good and it outscored some of the GoPro’s camera but unfortunately not this one.

Comparison of the battery life of Insta360 ONE R with GoPro Hero 8:

Hero 8 has a slightly better battery life than ONE R. Both of these will not last you more than an hour of continuous video recording.

Comparison of the audio quality of GoPro Hero 8 with Insta360 One R:

GoPro is better at recognizing environmental sounds compared to Insta360 ONE R. Audio on ONE R is terrible. Maybe they can fix it with a software update in the future but it is not up to the mark. You will get a much better audio quality with GoPro.

New Features in GoPro 8 as compared to GoPro 7:

Both GoPro 7 and GoPro 8 have 12 MP cameras, the difference in GoPro 8 is that it has Super Photo with improved HDR.

GoPro8 has a Live Burst feature which allows one to record the moments 1.5 seconds before and after one-shots, so one can choose the best single-frame one likes. This feature is not available in GoPro 7.

One of the amazing features of GoPro 8 is that the Video Stabilization is improved as compared to GoPro 7 and it also uses HyperSmooth 2.0.

GoPro 8 has an advanced version TimeWrap 2.0 as compared to GoPro 7. This feature allows you to take timelapse videos when you are moving, the TimeWrap adjusts its speed according to the motion.

There is one new model available in GoPro Hero 8 Black which Night Lapse Video, the same is not available in GoPro Hero 7.

GoPro 8 supports Live Streaming with 1080p, whereas GoPro 7 supports 720p. You should be able to save the high definition video in your SD card once the live streaming is finished.

Uses of GoPro Hero 8:

  • gopro hero 8It is waterproof and can also be used underwater for many purposes.
  • It is used while cycling, walking, jogging, running, and racing.
  • It is used for skiing, snow hiking, ice skating, etc.
  • It can also be used to create personal videos at home or maybe on a trampoline or swimming pool.

Pros of GoPro Hero 8 :

  • It’s a great action camera
  • Amazing 4k stabilization
  • Amazing action camera
  • Superior video quality
  • Its accessories make it unique
  • User friendly
  • Built-in mounting fingers simplifies attachment.

Cons of GoPro Hero 8:

  • Night camera needs more improvement
  • The major issue with micro SD card
  • Overpriced
  • Its battery life is not too good
  • The picture starts grainy once it gets darker outside
  • Freezing problem
  • The battery door pops up too easily.

Average Rating on Amazon for GoPro Hero 8:

Users and reviewers have rated the GoPro Hero 8 4.4 out of 5 stars

GoPro Hero 8 Average Price:

$450 or ₹32,000 after discount on Amazon

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How to use GoPro Hero 8 (GoPro Hero 8 Manual)

To learn how to use your GoPro Hero 8, you can find the manual of GoPro Hero 8 Here.

Best 5 SD Cards for GoPro Hero 8:

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Other Countries:

You can get your GoPro Here 8 from the official GoPro Website. 


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